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I fucking hate mental illness.

Fucking hate it.

What I dislike more about it though is that even people with mental illnesses far worse than mine they still seem to have something to escape into. Some form of getting away.

Whenever the fuck that happens let me know please because at this point I'd give my left arm to stop it.

My attention span is shot to shit, anxiety can destroy my life whenever it likes, worthlessness just happens, and wondering why I need to live plagues my day all because of mental illnesses. 

I wanna know what I'd be like without mental illnesses.

I'm sure that guy's cool.

Fuck my life.


Mr_Nobody Jan 14 · Comments: 1 · Tags: meh
Before I get into this I'd just like to point attention towards the dope smileys we have. Old school. Nice

Anyways. To put this bluntly.

What in the ever living fuck happened to artistic integrity.

Publishers of all sorts are just sucking the dick of streamline budgeting to maximize profit. We see this in music, T.V. shows, drama shows, movies, what for fucks sake could the husked out shell of "artistic integrity" infect with its cancerous, "MAKE MONEY NOW" can do attitude?
Well, it's even gotten its way into "Innovative" shit like this: 


You read that correctly.

One time, disposable fucking charging batteries you can use for your iphone.

One question

One follow up statement,

This shit would never have been allowed to hit the market if over time all of a sudden FUCKING EVERYTHING was hit in the dick with what shall be known as "streamline budgeting

I'll make a few follow up posts going into more detail as to how, exactly, artistic integrity is being raped, but until then,


I always wanted to blog about movies (and stuff that I really like). I always see movies reviews, and reviewers talk about:

- Acting
- Plot

But they never if you like it or not. It's like a trend that's been going around for years. I really want for this and the next post to be different. On message that a movie has given to me. I'm going to start to talk about Snowden.


I don't really know to much about this dude. I remember reading an article about this dude and Wikileaks. On how he cannot back to America, because he exposed some pretty heavy information about the government.

I didn't quite understand it right at the time what it was. I don't live in America, so I didn't pay too much attention back then.

For what I got from the movie is that, Snowden started as a hardcore patriotic guy. Really love his country. He tried out for the army, but didn't fit. He self-thought computer security. Worked with the CIA. He started to see some stuff about the government that was anti-constitutional (more importantly wrong). For a moment he seem confused. I mean, he look like pretty decided on what he wanted to do, exposed to the real world. But he acted with precaution. Maybe even having doubts of what he wanted to do, because he was about to lost to much in order to maintain the principles on what his country was build on. His freedom and privileges from his own country, just for the people.

But he acted smart, approaching to the right people (these journalists) and make the right moves to exposed the intel he found on what the government was doing. And he did lose a lot for the people, just because the Big Shots from government decided he was a traitor.

I opened my eyes on how some politicians (not only from America, also from around the world) can fuck you over if you mess with their Kool-Aid. How they can turn they back on you if they feel screw. And not only with politicians. It can happen with your boss at work or somebody with a little bit of power.

The attitude of Snowden is what I really admire. Always chill and precise. I could say he's (now) one of my heroes. He stood from what he believed and acted on it. Maybe because he seem like a simple person and that's what most people is missing these day in age, just been plain and simple.

That's it for all. Have a nice day.
hungrywolf Dec 18 '16 · Comments: 5 · Tags: snowden, movie, review, blog, experience
Savoir qu'il y a quelqu'un quelque part qui pense à vous, qui vous réserve un petit coin dans son cœur au chaud, à l'abri de tout, c'est comme une couverture toute douce qui vous enveloppe et vous protège du froid...

Snow_Black Dec 4 '16
Ce doit être ça l'amour : Quand le regard de l'autre voit en vous ce que vous ne voyez pas vous-même, l'extrait comme une pépite dorée et vous l'offre.

Katherine Pancol

Snow_Black Dec 3 '16
Les Pirates: http://www.lemonde.fr/europe/article/2016/12/03/islande-les-pirates-charges-de-former-un-gouvernement_5042716_3214.html
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Snow_Black Nov 30 '16 · Comments: 1
Droit des femmes de conduire en Arabie Saoudite

C'est pour une question économique avant tout que les choses soit clair... 

Il n'est pas question de donner des droits aux femmes... 

Une femme c'est quoi ? Une chose ? Un objet qu'on pose sur l'étagère ? Un animal ? Ou un être humain ? 

What is the question 

Snow_Black Nov 30 '16
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